Spanish Mackerel (Batang) Fillet, Fresh

$16.80 /packet

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Country of origin: Indonesia

Pack size: Approximately 400gm

A local favourite fish with chunky, firmed and white meat after cooked. The fillet cut is convenient for fish porridge and soup – slice it to the preferred thickness. It can also be pan-fried till golden brown (add assam or sambal for spicy lovers) and served as a dish with porridge. Great choice for people on a healthy diet as it has lower fat content.

Special note: Manually cut and deboned in Singapore. Not 100% boneless, please check before feeding children and elderly. Not for raw consumption.

*Fish bones are carefully removed by hand. However, please always take caution when feeding children and the elderly as there might be the presence of pin bone that couldn’t be identified during the process.*

*Pictures are for illustration purposes. Size & quantity may vary.


*Please also note that items are packed according to pack size, apologies if we are unable to accord the preferred cut or size (ex: avoid Belly, no tail etc).

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