EB Tiger Prawn Roll

$7.65 $6.95 /packet

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Country of origin: Malaysia

Pack size: 250gm (10pieces)

30 calories per piece

Chunky prawns, crispy & springy, tender & juicy!

Ingredients: Tiger prawn, fish meat, beancurd(non-gmo soybean), water chestnut,sesame oil, sugar, modified tapioca starch(e1412), spring onion, monosodium glutamate (e621), salt, garlic, onion, sago starch, light soy sauce(soy,wheat), white pedder powder, sorbitol (e420), humectant [diphosphate (e450), triphosphate (451), permitted artificial flavouring, trehalose, permitted colouring [Annatta (e60b), carmine (e120). Contains thickener, sweetener, and humectant  as permitted food conditioner.

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