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Spicy Seasoned King Oyster Mushroom 150g

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Net Weight:150g

Ingredients: King Oyster Mushroom (Pleurotus eryngii), Chili Oil (Soybean oil, Chili), High fructose syrup, Capsicums, Salt, Sesame, Acid hydrolyzed vegetable oil protein flavouring solution (Water, Edible soyabean meal), Soya bean sauce (Water, soya bean, Wheat, Salt), Monosodium glutamate,  Edible alcohol, Spicy oil (Soya bean oil), Paprika oleoresin,, Prickly ash extracts), Disodium5’insinate, Disodium 5’guanylate, Vitamin C, Green prickly ash oil (Soya bean oil, Green prickly Ash oil), Chili oil (Soya bean oil, Soybean paste, Spices, Flavouring essence)

Contains Soybean.

*Item is Frozen. Defrost & Ready to Eat

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