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Confinement Intermediate Package

SKU: ThreadfinWholeFresh1.8kg/RedGrouperHalfFresh900g/SalmonHalfFresh1.8kg/CodFishSteak800gm
Category: Bundle Deals, Fish
SKU: ThreadfinWholeFresh1.8kg/RedGrouperHalfFresh900g/SalmonHalfFresh1.8kg/CodFishSteak800gm Categories: ,

Please note that all fish will be portioned and packed individually in fillets for convenience* 

The bundle consists of:

  1. Threadfin Whole Fresh, packed into 2 packs of half (approx. 1.8kg)
  2. Red Grouper Half Fresh (approx. 900gm)
  3. Cod Fish Steak (800gm)
  4. Salmon Half Fresh (approx. 1.8kg)

Recommended for Mums who appreciate the goodness of fish heads and bones. Fish heads and fish bones can be used to make broth – excellent nourishment, especially for breastfeeding Mums. Fish broth is known to boost breast milk supply for breastfeeding mummies.

As the mother’s body is very delicate after giving birth, the choice of food intake is very important. There are also many restrictions on choice for breastfeeding Mums. One of the best choices we reckon will be eating fish. Eating one type of fish for every meal throughout the month is never an enjoyable one, no matter how much one might like that fish. Hence, introducing a variety of fish is greatly recommended. On one hand, there is a change of taste, on the other, you get the different nutrients provided by the different fishes.

*All bones have been manually removed from fillets with utmost care. However, some tiny pin bones might be missed. Hence, please still practice caution when enjoying, especially if feeding children and the elderly.*

**Pictures are for illustration purposes. Size & quantity may vary.

***Please also note that items are packed according to pack size, apologies if we are unable to accord the preferred cut or size (ex: avoid Belly, no tail etc.).

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