Premium Abalone Treasure Pot 顶级鲍鱼聚宝盆菜

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Country of origin: Singapore

Pack Size: Approx: 4kg

Whole Abalone, Fish Maw, Sea Cucumber, USA Scallop, Cooked Vannamei Prawn, Roasted Pork Belly, Mushroom, Lotus Sliced,Yam Sliced, Chinese Cabbage, Golden Consomme, Beancurd Stick, Braised Chicken Mid-Joint

Reheating Instructions:
Thaw the product inside the claypot.
Place the claypot in a steamer, steam for 40 mins, remove cling wrap from clay pot lid and serve. Only recommend using a steamer.

Claypot included!

*Important note: If claypot is kept in the freezer and is cold. Please do not put it over the stove immediately as the drastic change in temperature will cause it to crack. Let the claypot temperature warm up to room temperature for at least 30 minutes before use.