Mr Popiah Singapore Popiah Wrap (Original)

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Pack Size:180g

Something for everyone to enjoy. Convenient and flavourful, taste just like it was made on the spot.

Traditional Popiah Skin (flour, water, oil, salt). Lettuce, Sweet Sauce (soy sauce, sugar), Garlic(garlic cloves), Chilli Sauce (chilli grounded), Cucumber, Egg Strips (Whole Eggs), Crab Sticks (Surimin(Fish Protein, Sugar, Poluphosphates), Water, Wheat Starch, Soy Bean Oil, Crab extract, Salt Flavouring Agent(E621, E640), Crab Flavour, Permitted Colouring (E120 and E160c)), Coriander, Crispy Bits(Flour, sugar, salt, sodium benzoate), Sugar, Peanuts (100% peanuts). Turnip.s(oil, turnips, red carrot, salt, sugar, salted soya beans (soya beans, wheat flour, salt, sugar, permitted preservative, sodium benzoate), Oil (Sunflower oil).

Allergen Advice: Crustacean, Eggs, Peanuts, Soy, Wheat (Gluten), and their product.