Lunar New Year Bundle

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SKU: Chinese Pomfret5/600, Frz Salmon Slice 200g, Japan Scallop 700g, Wild-caught Red Leg Prawn 30/40, White Fish Fillet, Surimi Snow Crab Meat 250g, Frozen Abalone, Lobster Ball 300g, Fish Tofu 300g, Sugarcane Shrimp, Shrimp Siew Mai Categories: ,


Bundle Consists of:
1. Chinese Pomfret 500/600 斗鲳鱼
2. Frozen Salmon Slice 200gm 三文鱼片
3. Japan Scallop 700gm 日本扇贝
4. Wild-caught Red Leg Prawn 30/40 海捕红脚虾
5. White Fish Fillet 白鱼肉
6. Surimi Snow Crab Meat 250gm 海鲜蟹肉脚
7. Frozen Abalone 鲍鱼
8. Lobster Ball 300gm 龙虾丸
9. Fish Tofu 300gm 海鲜鱼豆腐
10. Sugar Cane Shrimp 泰式甘蔗虾
11. Shrimp Siew Mai 鲜虾烧卖

This bundle is specially curated for the Lunar New Year.

From steam fish to slice fish and together with the steamboat essentials, this is bundle has got you covered.

Makes a great gift too!

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