Lady Chef Prawn Paste Chicken

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Made in Singapore
Pack Size: 400gm

Irresistible unique prawn paste flavor, with a layer of crispy powder, can be served and enjoyed with only 4 minutes of deep-frying.

Ingredients: Pork belly, tempeh, garlic, sesame oil

    • Marinated, Ready to Cook
    •  No preservatives
    • Less salt and oil

    Cooking instructions:
    Deep Frying: Defrost in Chiller, Heat up in pot till oil starts emitting slight smoke, Deep fry chicken till golden brown for about 8-1omins
    Air Fryer: Defrost in Chiller, Cook for 10-15 mins at 180* or till golden brown, Flip chicken halfway through to ensure even cooking.

  • Keep frozen*Pictures are for illustration purposes. Size & quantity may vary.