Iberico Pork and Chives Dumplings

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Country of origin: Singapore

Pack size: 400gm


Iberico Pork, Wheat Flour, Chives, Water, Vegetable Oil, Egg White, Sesame Oil, Soy Sauce (Water, Soyabeans, Salt, Wheat, E621, Sugar, Rice, Yeast Extract, E635, E631, E211, E955, E150), Salt Chicken Stock [Salt, Flavouring (Contains Soya, Gluten, Celery), Sugar, Chicken Extract and Fat, Stabiliser, E621, E631, E627, Onion], Oyster Sauce (Oyster Extractives, Water, Sugar, Salt, E621, E1442, E150, Wheat Flour, E635, E631, E415, E330, E202), Wheat Fiber, Chicken Meat and Fat, Permitted Flavouring (Contains Egg, Soy), Soy Sauce (Soyabeans, Wheat, Salt, E1400, Modified Starch), E621, E917), Palm fat and Spice], Sugar, Cooking Wine, Pepper, Spices, Thickener and Emulsifier (E473, E471, E415)

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