Heng Yoon Ipoh Salted Chicken All-in-One Seasoning Black Pepper

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Country of origin: Malaysia

Pack size: 30gm

(Cooking Method)

1 whole kampung chicken/chicken pieces (1-1.5kg) (washed & drained)
1 sachet of Heng Yoon Ipoh Salted All-in-One Seasoning (30gm)

1. Rub inside & outside of the chicken/chicken pieces with Heng Yoon Ipoh Salted Chicken All-in-One Seasoning. Marinate at least 3 hours. Leave it overnight for better result.
2. Wrap chicken/chicken pieces in aluminium foil. (Aluminium foil provided)
3. Steam or roast to oven (350*F/189*C) appropriately 1 hour until cooked
4. Ready to serve

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