HaruPlate – Sweet and Sour (Limited Edition)

$8.80 /bottle

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Country of origin: Singapore

Net weight: 100gm

Ingredients: Mango, Red Capsicum, Passionfruit, Tomato, Asam, Pumpkin Seeds, Flax Seeds, Paprika.

  • No juice concentrate, no refined sugar, and no artificial preservatives
  • No added salt, artificial preservatives, and refined sugar.
  • Halal certified

Make your meal times fun times with the first ever Sweet & Sour Sauce that is made from only whole natural fruit and veggies.

A plant-based and yummy source of zinc and iron to support your LO’s natural defences, this tiny but mighty jar of SSS now comes nestled in a ssspecial Limited Edition* Masak-Masak Play Kit!

Sweet, tangy, and perfect for the whole family, especially little tummies 9m to 12 years

Unlike its classic inspiration, HaruPlate’s Sweet & Sour Sauce is packed with vibrant fruit like mango, passionfruit, and tomatoes. This jar of wonderfully tangy goodness makes friends best when stir-fried with yummy proteins like fish and chicken, but it’s no stranger to veggies and fruits as well.

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