Hana Katsuo Bushi

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Country of origin: Japan

Pack size: 500g

Ingredients: Bonito

Katsuo Bushi is also known as Bonito Flakes. It is not only used for garnishing Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki. This is high quality Katsuo Bushi is used for making dashi (soup base). It gives a mild sweetness and is much healthier compared to meat stock. The Japanese also mixed this with Konbu to make a more intense and flavourful dashi perfect for udon and ramen.

Storage: Avoid high temperature, high timidity, and direct sunlight. Store Shimaya Dried Bonito in a cool/dark place. After opening, seal with a rubber band & store in a refridgerator to maintain quality. To enjoy Shimaya Dried Bonito as it’s best, use it up as soon as possible after opening.