We at Song Fish are always looking forward to the annual Lunar New Year Warehouse Sale where we can drown ourselves in crowds and see many familiar friendly faces.

The promotional list is out but not limited to these products only. There are too many promotions to be listed. Head down to our HQ showroom at Fishery Port Road or any of the 9 retail outlets to see it in person!

Good news, we accept credit cards (visa & masters) in our HQ now!!! Hooray~

And free cooler bag with purchase of $30 instead of the regular $70.

We have a new GOLD colour cooler bag that is super glam too!

Come down and get soaked with the festive spirit!

HQ operating hours:
Daily, 9am to 6pm (till 14/2)
15/2 Eve of cny, 9am to 12pm

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