The Golden Gift Pack at $88

Lobster Ball 300gm, Cuttlefish Ball 400gm, Imitation Abalone, Breaded Prawn (10pcs/tray), Fish Tofu 500gm, Surimi SnowCrab Meat, White Fish Fillet 1kg, Japan Scallop 400gm, Chinese Pomfret 300/400, Wild-caught Red Leg Prawn 40/60 (800gm), TF Teriyaki Yakitori 1kg, Shrimp SiewMai (5pcs/pkt)

Specially curated and packed for your convenience.

What’s more? Everything is bagged in a Shimmery Gold Cooler Bag to impress your love ones. Further more, it helps to preserve the temperature of the products while delivering.

Check out our awesome gift pack in any of our outlets today!

*At least 2 days of pre-order is required. While stock last*

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